And Varieties


All Basmati varieties being grown here have long slender grains.

With its aroma, elongation and fluffiness upon cooking, it is in this delta that Basmati Rice is grown for centuries, which is not only the folklore of Punjab but also is the heritage of Pakistan.

In the province of west Punjab, the delta of Rivers Jehlum and Chenab has been gifted by nature with special alluvial clayey soil which irrigated by perennial waters of these rivers nurtured by monsoons, gives birth to the finest Basmati Rice.

Extra Long Grain Basmati Varieties

These are the commercially top of the line Basmati varieties, having an average grain length of 7.15 mm – 7.20 mm. Super Basmati Rice is known to be the ‘King-of-Rice’ and is popularly associated with this part of the world. It has all the Basmati characteristics and good cooking is achieved even with fresh crop. It has become very popular in the European Union as well as in the Middle East without any doubt. It is the leading Basmati variety of Pakistan today.

Long Grain Basmati Varieties

These are the commercially second best varieties after Extra Long Grain Varieties and have an average grain length from 6.60 mm – 6.80 mm. At present PK-386 Rice is the most commonly grown variety here and possesses all the inherent characteristics of Basmati Rice mentioned above. With aging it attains the same linear elongation and aroma as Super Basmati and is much affordable viz. a viz. Super Basmati.

Quality Control

Baba Saraj Corporation has a very well defined Quality Assurance Management System, which is the backbone of its rice milling operation. In order to implement quality assurance, Baba Saraj Corporation has a well-equipped Quality Assurance Lab managed by experts. Throughout the milling and processing operation starting from the feeding-in of rough paddy up to the packaging, samples are drawn and tested by analysts after defined intervals.


Private Labelling

Baba Saraj Corporation has been servicing private label demands across the globe from the day of its inception. Many leading and internationally renowned brands have honored us by trusting our quality and professionalism. Most of our partners are associated with us for many years as they value quality and trust. We take care of your brand just like our own brand and believe in delivering consistent agreed quality every time.