At present, we focused its expertise on the production of the finest varieties from the natural, aromatic paddy of Punjab- that are directly purchased from local growers.

Main office of Baba Saraj Corporation is located at Lahore while its sub office is in Sargodha. Choudhary Rice Export processing mills is located at Iqbal Nagar 26 KM Jhang Sargodha road Punjab, Pakistan. Mill is located at a place where rice crop is irrigated by the water coming from the foot hills of hamalayas. This water is good for the growth of rice. That is why our rice is famous for its taste and aroma locally and internationally.

Offering the best services

WHAT our services

To grow our operations overseas by generation long term.relationships and providing superior quality rice to have higher returns.


To be the leader in exporting best quality rice to attain new and retain existing customers.


Baba Saraj Corporation has always stayed true to its vision of adding value both in belief and in practice.

Steps of rice processing

rice steps
  • Basmati And Varieties

    All Basmati varieties being grown here have long slender grains, pleasant aroma, linear elongation of twice of its grain size and soft dry fluffy texture upon cooking.

  • Plant

    The machinery for both the plants was supplied by Buhler GbmH of W. Germany. The Project is spread over 15 acres of land with Millhouse, Parboiled Unit, Godowns and Office Blocks.

  • Milling

    On arrival at the mill gate, samples are drawn from each and every bag by trained samplers. After going through a preliminary check of quality by our highly experienced paddy selectors.

  • Packaging

    Packaging innovation has been and continues to be one of the principal drivers of category growth. We have employed most modern machinery and techniques for packaging rice in both traditional and modern materials.

  • Quality Control

    Baba Saraj Corporation has a very well defined Quality Assurance Management System, which is the backbone of its rice milling operation. Baba Saraj Corporation has a well-equipped Quality Assurance Lab managed by experts.

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Super kernel basmati rice AGL 7.5
1121 sella rice extra long grain AGL 8.5